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Year 2011 Christmas celebration photo gallary and events.
1-Dec 2011 Christmas Decoration, we use recyle items to constructed 3 big Christmas trees, church mobilized 60 members guided by artist Bro Yap Kim Boon to do the decoration, installed LED lights to all the trees as well as sanctuary, decorated with environmental friendly and reuse of those re-cycle materials, example bottle, CD, paper, egg tray and junk wood.  The 3 big Christmas tree with various recycle and reusable items been installed in the church compound and inner sanctuary.
20-Aug (星期六)下午4pm的教会61 周年纪念感恩礼拜一共210人出席,来自各不同堂会,及我们的会友。DS 教区长将道。 6.30pm的感恩宴会(爱宴)有800人出席,在安邦Water Front 举行,来自各卫理公会的教会参与,及60%我们的会友。 感谢主,成功圆满举行 !  当天晚上的油画拍卖筹款作为教育楼费用,得到RM55千。
Gua Musang Mission Trip 14-16 Apr 2011, 10 persons from ACMC (8) and ICM (2) attended the 3 days mission trip.  Visited few Orang Asli churches in Gua Musang, deep inside the jungles.
Year 2010 Dec Christmas celebration in the church.  A list of events @ Sunday School, Home Carolling, Spectrum Shopping Mall Carolling, Old Folks home, Thanksgiving Worship and etc.
On 9-11 Sep 2010, church Family Camp in Grand Kampar Hotel @ 174 attended.
ACMC Kindergarten Year 2010 31 July Sports Day.  Attended by more than 600 students, parents, ex-students, church members and friends.
Year-2009 Christmas celebration photo for Sunday School, Christmas Thanksgiving Worship, Carolling, Special Children, Old Folks Home, Home Fellowship Evangelistic, Christmas Eve Celebration and other fellowship thanksgiving !
19 Sep 2009 8am-3pm 安邦卫理工会举行筹款拍卖会,帮助教育中心建筑筹款。当天拍卖项目有家庭用品,游戏,食物,衣服等等。Total 600 attended the event.
8-Aug-2009 Church Health Campaign @ organize by church Social Concern Committee. Total 320 people turn up for this event in the Methodist Service Center !!
21 Jun 2009 Church Parent Day dinner 1pm in Chui Heng Restaurant total 31 table with more than 300 attended the luncheon.
pday-01 pday-02

Pastor day 17-May-2009  敬牧会,第二堂崇拜后举行,备有茶点,教会全体会友参与。
pastorday-09 pastorday-9-1
12-APR-2009 Easter Sunday Worship, the church full house attendance.
8-FEB-2009 教会元宵节庆典 @ 教会羽球场 ;265人出席。 节目有自由晚餐,各种美食,唱诗,讲道,华乐,献唱,幸运抽奖和读圣经。

25-Dec-2008 @ 2pm our church visited Ampang Old Folks home 安邦老人院 to celebrate Christmas and distribute gifts to all the senior citizens. There were 40 members from 安邦堂 and 45 members from the old folks home attended this event.  杜奇贤牧师 delivered the Christmas sermon.  About 30 caroller presented the Christmas carolling.
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07-Dec-2008 2pm-5pm Ampang Chinese Methodist Church year end annual spring cleaning day.  Total 30 members attended & worked together to clean up the whole church compound, sanctuary, store rooms, toilets, walk-ways, library, garden, mini-zoo, assembly area, field, office, sound system room, kitchen, nursery room, treasurer table, car park, badminton court and kindergarten.
 springc1 springc2
springc3 springc4  springc5
28-29 Nov 2008 @ Ampang LCEC-steward seminar and Year-2009 project cum mission vision goal setting.  安邦堂执事会使命宣言与教会方针策划营。 Venue STM (Seminary Theology Malaysia 马来西亚神学院) campus Seremban.  All church stewards and fellowship head compulsory attendance.  Facilitator Rev Dr Simon Wong. Let the Methodist & John Wesley mission spirit prevail.  我们一共17人出席;杜奇贤牧师,黄传贤博士,黄师母,叶志强博士,李颂义,谢益群律师,郑吉帧,陈锦莲,黄志森,陈碧云,陈楚忠,陈玉英,梁依美,梁国平,李荣光,何彩英与赵光明。 As a result, we formulated the church long term mission statement and mission strategy.
10-13th Nov 2008 第33届华人年议会于马六甲举行。 一共320教牧与堂会代表出席年议会。 安邦堂可派三位代表出席 - 杜奇贤牧师 (副牧代表),李颂义(年会第一正代表),叶志强博士(年会第二正代表)。  今年我们堂会取代10%增长。 今年也是年会选举年,莫泽川再被选为会长,任期四年,林志强选为年会会友领袖。 杜奇贤留任安邦堂副理牧师。
with Rev James Wong, our church member   
2-Nov-2008 下午 3pm - 6pm, 我们教会弟兄姐妹一行48人一同到甲同美门残障中心进行大扫除与布置圣诞节。出席有妇女会,乐龄,少年军,杜牧师,乐龄主席李荣光,妇女会主席陈碧云,教会文书李颂义,产业主席陈楚忠与各志愿人士。 我们也为美门的弟兄姐妹预备晚餐。 大家工作结束后我们回到安邦吃晚餐。  感谢主的带领与同在。
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