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Ampang Chinese Methodist Church Building & Purchasing Committee



Year-2013 committee 委员会

Chairman : Lee Soong Yee

Tresurer : Danny Tan

Secretary : Lennie Gu

Committee : Ricky Lew, Dr Yap Chee Keong, Margaret Chan, Sia Yeak Koon, Pan Wah, Andrew Chang, Sam Wong, Wendy Leong, Chua Kah Hock.


1. Soong Yee initiated the master plan to expand the church in late 2012. 


2. Soong Yee called the first meeting on 22 Feb 2013, aim to rebuild the church annex hall, 教会副堂, full discussion and debate on the overall plan and architecture as well as the master plan of the church.  No consensus.


3.  Soil test were conducted during the Kindergarten school holiday on 12 to 14 Jun 2013.  The plan was that the contractor carried out boring upto max 35m or 6 consecutive SPT value app 50 or when encounter rock which will then core for 3m,incl shifting, SPT Test @ 1.5m interval, collection of disturbed/undisturbed samples c/w necessary laboratory tests.  We were joyful that after 30m, the underneath is fill with solid rock.  A good news for us.  Pan Wah being our technical advisor said the result is favarable to us.


Land and Soil test in the church compound, the badminton court in Jun 2013
















历史 :- 

2012 年牧区议会李颂义提出建堂与建立新教育楼。  2013年第一次建筑委员会于二月 22日召开会议。

第二次会议于三月26日召开,达到共识。  Second meeting consensus, resolved to build the church phase by phase with phase one to rebuild the church annex hall as educational center.



Year-2008-2011 committee 委员会

Chairman - Dr Yap Chee Keong
 Secretary - 谢益群律师 siayk
 Treasurer - Danny Tan C.T. danny

Committee - Pan Wah, Wong Chee Sam, 李荣光,Andrew Chang, You Tai Hong,刘毅忠


Sep 2011, mission completed, finished all the payment of RM850,000 for the No 2 Jalan Lim Swee Hong Bungalow lot.


Apr-2011 Purchased two cabins (container)10 feet x 20 feet installed in the church field compound, serve as strore room for Women Fellowship, Sunday school and Church genera.


Jan-2011 New LCEC term started.  Had the first LCC and the 1st LCEC meeting.  Initiated the master project o rebuild the whole church santuary and rebuild the whole kindergarten.  新届执事会与牧区议会召开,我们计划重建整个教会圣殿和幼儿园,做好这一代的上帝好管家,任务延续到下一代会友,建立神国,千秋大业,荣耀主名。



Sep Year-2009

Offiically purhcased over the No 2 Jln Lim Swee Hong property.  Started the first installment Sep-2009 @ every month RM4950.


19-Sep-2009 church Jumbo Sales for No2 Jln Lim Swee Hong fund raising campaign.

8am-3pm 安邦卫理工会举行筹款拍卖会,帮助教育中心建筑筹款。当天拍卖项目有家庭用品,游戏,食物,衣服等等。

Total attendance : 600 persons.  Fund rasied exceeded our initial target.


July Year-2009

Updates on the purchase of No 2 Jln Lim Swee Hong (bungalow area 10,688 sq feet).

- 26 June 2009 AEC has signed the Sales and Purchase agreement with property owner.

- 10-July-2009 AEC has approved our loan of RM250K

- Good news on our church car park land. 今年2009年已经是属於我们卫理公会的产业,主历2009年七月;卫理公会信托部已经收到新地契;99年租约。 土地面积5916.28 平方尺。 


LATEST UPDATES -- Chronology of events -------------------------------------------------------

- Sep Year-2008 LCC meeting adopted the resolution proposed from Building and Purchasing committee; on the property No 2 Jln Lim Swee Hong.

- 3 Oct 2008; met up with AEC lawyer on the purchase of property.

- meeting held on 05 Oct 2008 8pm to discuss on No.2 Jln Lim Swee Hong.  

- emergency LCEC meeting held on 6-Oct-2008 to discuss the urgent resolution on No 2 Jln Lim Swee Hong and motion from the Building & Purchasing committee.

- fund raisng activities started on 12 Oct 2008 Sunday Worship.  Dr Yap Chee Keong presented the chronology of event on No2 Jln Lim Swee Hong property to the church congregation.



Project in brief -

1/ 安邦堂进行中历史任务 - 购买教育中心独立式建筑物 No2 Jln Lim Swee Hong, 

68000 Ampang, Selangor.



2/ 安邦堂已完成历史任务 - 建立卫理服务中心 No 209 Jalan Youth, Ampang New

Village, 68000 Ampang, Selangor.



History 历史档案-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


顾问 -会督朱新进博士,会长高传隆牧师,教区长周隆捷牧师,林成兴牧师

主席 -郑吉帧

文书 -张福来

财政 -冯金池(正)  杨玉英(副)

委员 -叶志强博士,梁国平,李永松,陈锦莲,李颂辉,赵光明




李颂义copied from 安邦堂历史手稿 

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