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Year 2014

1 May 2014 Prayer meeting Games and prayer @ 88 attended the prayer and intercession cum games for interaction.



Year 2014 prayer meeting average attendance from Jan to Mar is 85 persons, divided into 7 groups 2014年每个星期四祷告会由一月到三月平均出席人数85人,分为7个祷告小组  :-

1. English prayer group - 英文祷告小组

2. Youth prayer group - 青年祷告小组

3. Boys brigade prayer group - 少年军祷告小组

4. Adults prayer group - 成年祷告小组

5. Young adult prayer group - 青成祷告小组

6. Senior women prayer group - 成年妇女祷告小组

7. New comers (prayer meeting) prayer group - 新出席者祷告小组


Year 2014 still every forthnight prayer walk by each of the prayer group.  The adult prayer group consistently having their area prayer walk every forthnight Saturday 6.30am to 7.30am.  Walk thru every single corner in their designated area.  Pray earnestly for the residents of Ampang and residents in the Ampang New Village !!  





18 July 2013 is the prayer meeting one year graduation ceremony after one year study on the book "listen to God" 聆听神的声音。 Total 39 persons received the outstanding attendance certificate with more than 80% attendance.  Total attendance that day is 80 persons, we also pray at the for the church coming Ampang Carnival.  Over the last one year, prayer meeting average attendance was 65 persons.  祷告会结业仪式,一个39人领取勤到奖,他们的出席率都超过80%。过去一年的平均祷告会人数是65人。


Award giving ceremony held on 18 Jul 2013 to those who achieved 80% attendance over the last one year for the prayer meeting @ listen to God's voice.   Total 39 recipient happily received the certificate of excellent attendance from Rev Toh for the praryer meeting June 2012 to June 2013.   18 Jun 2013 教会39人领取祷告会勤到奖。

18 July 2013 @ The graduation ceremony awarded the certificate to all those attendance with 80% and above.  Total 39 members received the certificate of achievement.  Here some of the pictures taken.


25-30 Mar 2013 Passion week, Via Dolorosa program on 16 stations was held in the church every night 7pm to 10.30pm, more than 70church members from our church and other churches in Ampang came to walk thru the 16 stations where Jesus travelled before His cruxification.

Every stations were designed to exactly mimic the place where our LORD Jesus walked thru, with decoration, sound system and manuscripts to describe the scene.  

Brothers and sisters can ponder, pray and carry the cross together to personally experience the suffering and traversed on the path as well as intimately touch on the places that our LORD walked thru 2000 years ago, 16 places before He reached Golgotha.


25-30 Mar 2013 受难周 @ 十架苦路十六站默想每天晚上7pm - 10.30pm在教会举行。

超过70位我们教会和其他教会的弟兄姐妹出席,到来亲自默想主走过的16站苦路, 每一站都祷告默想 !每一站都做到仿佛耶稣当时走过的地方,布置音响和书写手稿讲解,让弟兄姐妹人亲临现场,可以思想主的受苦,亲身被负十字架走一段路,禁食祷告一周。


Ampang Church Thursday prayer meeting on 17 January 2013.  Timetable : Singspirition 8.30pm,  all prayed for the sick member at 8.50pm, sharing and intercession for church ministry at 9.00pm, small group and cell group discussion and prayer at 9.15pm till 11pm.



1. Average attendance in first quarter 2012 prayer meeting every Thursday

is 80 persons.   First time in Ampang Church history we achieve such high

attendance for our prayer meeting consistently.


2. 16 - 17 Mar 2012 祷告会小组正副组长两天一夜祷告会在Port Dickson 举行,


潘华,陈锦莲,叶桂萍,叶志强博士,谢益群,李颂义,唐娟娟,林添喜,钱依霞,  陈玉英。


14 July 2012 Methodist Prayer Convention in Melaka.  Our church delegate Margaret Chan Pik Wan (she holding General Conference Women committee), Speaker Dr Cassidy from South Africa and wife, Datin Judy (Methodist General Conference Women President).


31 Aug 2012 8pm and 1-Sep-2012 3pm to 9pm Ampang area combined Christian Churches prayer seminar held in Ampang Chinese Methodist Church. Total 227 persons from 4 different churches in Ampang area (Ampang Chinese Methdoist, Hope of Glory, Grace Wesley Methodist and Revival Center) attended this prayer seminar in our church sanctuary. Tea break and dinner provided by Ampang Chinese Methodist Church.   The speaker is Rev John Robb, formerlly our church pastor in charge in year 1978.




1. 1月我们开始生命更新祷告会,每个星期四8.30pm到10.30pm。一个63人报名参与,分成7个小组做不同的教导和互相代祷,为不同的需要祷告,大家彼此勉励,互相探访,建立彼此的灵命,爱主爱教会更深。


2. 教会继续举行每个月第一个星期六凌晨6am的行军祷告会。

3. 继续进行101课程,201课程。 每个星期日下午。导师谢益群律师,陈锦莲老师,叶桂萍本处传道。

4. 真善美圣经生活原则研习会; Basic Life Principles Seminar @ 28-31 Mar 2011 and 1-2 Apr 2011 在教会举行, 一共32小时课程, 教会一共65人报名参与。 这个研习会十分成功举行,32小时教导我们如何应用升级7项原则解决人生基本冲突根源。

5. Church prayer meeting conducted in cell group concept.  Started the new cell group Jan 2011, divided into 5 cell group @ English, Senior Women, Adults, BB, Youth.  Each cell group about 10 to 18 persons.  Each cell group have its prayer walk every forthnight, or every 3 weeks in the Ampang New Village, each group take care of a particular area.

6. Prayer meeting scene December 2011 @ attendance ~75 persons



The prayer meeting cell group organization format has been re-organize in Mar 2011.
1. Family 家庭小组 : 平均出席15人,组长 : 潘华弟兄 Bro Pan Wah
2. Youth 青年小组 : 平均出席 10人,组长 : 钱依霞姐妹 Sis Qian
3. English 英文小组 : 平均出席 10 人, 组长 : 叶志强博士 Dr Yap Chee Keong
4. Boys Brigade 少年军小组 : 平均出席 15 人, 组长 : 叶桂萍姐妹 Sis Yip Kwai Ping
5. Senior Women 乐龄妇女小组 : 平均出席 15人, 组长 : 陈锦莲姐妹 Sis Chin Kim Lian
行军祷告分五个区,涵盖整个安邦新村。 每个小组平均每两星期行军一次, 平均每个小组出席人数大约8人,没有间断的祷告,每一个小组负责他们自己的领域,毫不松弛,毫不打盹。

6. Average attendance in weekly Thursday prayer meeting 50 persons @ beginning Jan 2011.


7. 祷告会2011年10月开始平均出席率是65人,上帝的祝福在安邦堂满满,教会复兴由祷告会开始萌芽。 Average attendance in prayer meeting beginning Oct 2011 is 65 persons.  Church see revival, start from the weekly Thursday night prayer meeting, originated by John Wesley 300 years ago.


Family cell group weekly intercession and sharing ! EveryThursday 10pm.  Conducted in bilingual, major in Chinese Mandarin and second language English.

BB prayer cell group @ two by two prayer mates earnest intercession !

Youth prayer cell group weekly Thursday prayer gathering for earnest intercession 9.30pm to 11.15pm


English prayer cell group gather every Thursday from 9.45pm to 11.00pm for intercession, bible sharing and prayer.




1.  2010年作为建立巩固个人生命和事工的一年。

2.  Year-2010年四月每个星期四8.30pm的祷告会开始‘清泉’课程。  The"cleansing stream" course started on April. Total 60 participants in the church consistently attended the course every Thursday 8.30pm to 10pm.  


3.  Class 101 for All LCEC Members and ministry personnel 全体执事及事奉人员上101课程.Total 3 session @ 10 hours lectures completed in the Methodist Service Center.  Lecturer Rev Toh Kee Hean @ May 2010.

4. Ampang area all churches pastors cum church leaders (stewards) combined prayer meeting held in our Ampang Chinese Methodist Church on 19-May-2010 8.30pm.  Attended by more than 150 people from different churches in Ampang area.


5. 2010年11月至2011年4月 @ 拥抱耶稣的心祷告小组,共61人报名参与并立志不间断的出席。

6. 2010年祷告会每个星期四平均出席人数 - 62人

    Year-2010 Prayer meeting average attendance every Thursday - 62 pax. 



Project :-

1. The focus this year for Ampang Chinese Methodist Church is family and fasting.

2. Urge all church member to fast every Thursday evening to Friday afternoon.

3. Prayer meeting @ every Thursday 8.30pm to 10pm

4. Prayer walk @ every first Saturday of the month 6am in the Methodist Service Center and then prayer walk in Ampang New Village.

5. Urge everyone in Ampang Chinese Methodist Church to fast & pray every Thursday, skip dinner. Thanks God, we have been fasting for the 52 weeks in Year-2009.   主的恩典永远够我们用。


Classes :-

1. Started class 101 @ 2 session from Mar till July @ total 11 students

2. Started class 201 in Aug-2009 @ 12 students; venue in Methodist Service center, conducted by Bro Sia Yeak Koon (lawyer) 谢益群律师。



  导师 - 谢益群律师                              学生正在上课 

3. Started clas 401 Aug-2009 @ 14 students; conducted by Bro Sia Yeak Koon & Rev Toh Kee Hean.

4. Kingdom Startegy Seminar for church stewards @ monthly since Jan till June; conducted by Rev Dr Simon Wong.



1. Weekly Prayer Meeting - Every Thursday 8.30pm in the church @ average attendace 50 persons. Every third Thursday of the month, we invite pastor from KL Hokkien church to conduct the prayer meeting and deliver message to the prayer congregation.


2. Kingdom Starategy Prayer Meeting - Every first Saturday of the month 6am in the Methodist Service Center.  Average attendance 20 persons. The prayer started with singspirition and then follow by short message and group prayer.  We pray for the church, the family, the nation, Ampang, and the preach of the gospel.  God with us.





2-Sep-2007 our church whole congregation attended the Methodist General Conference prayer convention and holy communion in Stadium Shah Alam.   The church booked 4 buses total 150 members attended the combined prayer convention.


Church members in the bus before departure 10,000 Methodist congregation attended

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