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Ampang Chinese Methodist Church - 基督教卫理公会 @ 安邦堂
产业管理委员会 - Properties Management Committee
Year 2008- 2014
Mission - Manage all the properties in Ampang Chinese Methodist Church
1./ Keeper & safeguard for 3 building & structures
     o Church Sanctuary
     o Methodist Service Center
     o Methodist Kindergarten
2./ Purchase and maintain all items, furniture & fittings in the Ampang Church
3./ Carry out renovation & maintenence in the Ampang Church
4./ Owner for Gospel vans
5./ All newly purchase items in ACMC & Methodist Service Center & church compound.
2013-2014 Chairman - Ricky Lew 刘毅忠
Committee : Danny Tan Chor Tong, Dr Yap Chee Keong, Pan Wah, Sam Wong, Lee Soong Yee
2005-2012 Chairman - Danny Tan 陈楚忠
Committee - Rev Toh, Dr Yap Chee Keong, Sam Wong, Tay Hong, Steven Leong,李荣光 
LATEST 2014 Projects
10 May 2014 Renovated the Methodist Service Center 2nd floor parsonage to create extra 4 more classrooms for the Sunday School.  Total renovation cost RM15,000 inclusive of aircond and all electrical work.  
LATEST 2012 Projects
9 Dec 2012 church white Christmas decoration in the sanctuary @ entire church painted white and all bench painted dark brown color.  We mobilized 60 church members for the Christmas decoration and refurbish the entire church and kindergarten as well as the Methodist Service Center.
LATEST 2011 Projects
Proposed projects for ACMC & MSC
1)Refurbishment of existing kids toilets to be converted into adults toilets.
The old adults toilets to be demolished and converted into classroom or extension of ACMC kitchen.
2)Installation of 150W metal halide floodlight for shining towards the Sanctuary Cross.
3)Relocation of the TNB stay wire for supporting the concrete pole to be carried out by PMC. TNB quoted RM961.00 for the relocation works. PMC will employ manpower to execute the related work.
4)The kindergarten canteen is experiencing lack of fresh air flow due to low roofing of metaldeck materials.PMC intends to raise a pitch roof for the canteen & the adjacent classrooms .
5)PMC will lay 150mm diameter HDPE pipe to channel the food sediments discharged by restaurants nearby.The main purpose is to contain the bad odours within the HDPE pipe,leading the flow into the main drain at TNB sub-station at far end of kindergarten.
6)The ACMC concrete ceiling floor slabs above piano area seemed to have water seepage . PMC to apply coating of sealant to prevent further leakage.
7)PMC will utilize used awning structures to save costs.The building of ACMC/Kindergarten store will consider using such materials adjacent to the existing kids toilets
8)MSC door chime to be supplied & installed with new wiring.
9)The ACMC main entrance floor slab to be of cement rendering measuring 10ft wide X 5ft long with grooves of 25mm.
10)Ongoing construction of church children center comprising of kitchen,changing room,bath rooms,kids toilets and kids eating places.
11)To consider installation of power factor correction for MSC electrical switchboard for efficient usage of electricity.
12)Installation of cabinet for account administrative filing.Sam Wong will be the cabinet supplier.
13)Sanctuary back stage wall to be cladded with colourful hard boards.Sam Wong will design the hard boards layout.
14)Glaring separation gap between concrete beams to be made good for kindergarten classroom next to the sanctuary switch room.
15)To install CCTV security system to monitor happenings in the sanctuary , foyer,PA room.
16)To improve the drainage of the field to avoid water ponding by burying perforated PVC pipes to ease the water drainage into the nearest drain.
17)To supply & install 40 gals.poly tank or stainless steel cylindrical tank to increase the water storage capacity for ACMC & Day Care Centre.
18) To collect rain water for flushing of toilets as alternative for piped water.PMC to carry out feasibility studies & cost savings calculation.Excess rain water collected could be pressurized to clean the drains within ACMC & kindergarten premise and the smelly clogged drain behind kindergarten.
19)To install motion sensors to lit up spotlights at designated areas to cut cost in electricity and scare off uninvited intruders upon detection of body movements.
20)To supply & install additional ceiling fans at foyer area. Proposed TWO(2) sets ceiling fans to be installed. 
1 Nov 2011 开始进行卫理服务中心大装修工程,拆掉左边及后面的围墙,重铺地上钢骨水泥,后面做多一个门,让车辆可以停放在里面傍边,也可以由大门进入,由后面出去。 全部费用一共RM40千。 这个构思源与今年大扫除时的看见,让我们的车辆可以方便进出,方便停泊在里面让儿童老人上下。 工程三个星期完成。
LATEST UPDATES from PMC 1-Dec-2010
1. 卫理幼儿园建立新厨房,厕所,新教室。
2. 建立新的育婴室@baby room.
3. 建立好一个新凉亭于教育楼前面空地。
4. 开始进行计划建立主日学 multi purpose hall @ 多用途礼堂,地点与教会停车场store room 前面。
5. Build another exit gate in the car park field.
6. Electrical 3 phase system completed in sanctuary.
LATEST UPDATES from PMC 8-Dec-2009

LATEST UPDATES from PMC 11-Sep-2009
1. Church badminton court completed with new cement.  RM5000.
2. Methodist Service Center first floor new toilet completed.  RM4700.
3. Church compound front (left hand side about 15 feets) new brick fencing completed.
LATEST UPDATES from PMC 24-Feb-2009
Property Management Committee Feb-2009

1.-PMC has successfully removed the silted foul smell sediments from the ACMC/Kindergarten rear drain. Labour sub-contractors were employed to scoop-up & bagged the sediments for MPAJ disposal. Total of approx.300 bags were extracted from the rear drain cleaning exercise. The close cooperation from the Kindergarten Principal, Elsa Moo ,during the works execution was much appreciated & most encouraging.
2.-To address the flooding problem of ACMC/Kindergarten from drain water backflow, PMC has written to Alam Flora seeking for their help to vacuum suck away the choked up drainage system beyond the TNB Sub-Station along Jalan Wawasan 4/7, Bdr. Baru  Ampang. PMC hopes that the cleaning of downstream drainage system could allow smooth gravity flow of the drain water into the main drain in front of Spectrum Shopping Complex.
3.-ACMC ladies and men toilets had undergone some repair works. Blocked washing basin for ladies toilet has been cleared off. All PVC toilet flushing system for men & ladies were either replaced or made good in operational conditions. The PVC stopcock for men urinal bowls was replaced with new ones.
4.-PMC had replaced the old water booster pump with a Brand New unit with built-in pressure switch at the cost of RM 1,400.00 inclusive of labor charges . PMC sincerely wish that the newly installed booster pump will actually solve water shortage problem at Pastor’s home.
5.-A new kitchen cabinet below the kitchen washing basin located in Pastor’s home , was supplied & installed. The kitchen cabinet was the compliments from CK Design, Mr Sam Wong.
6.-Translucent polycarbonate sheet awnings were installed for several areas of MSC coverage.. The awnings proved effective for keeping away sunshine & rain to the designated coverage areas.  /// Submitted by - Danny Tan, ACMC @ PMC chairman

LATEST UPDATES from PMC 15-Nov-2008
Property Management Committee Nov-Dec 2008
-The ACMC frontage ceiling has been refurbished with chemical molded wood strips being nailed onto the ceiling and painted white .
-The ACMC frontage floor will be laid with 300X300 homogenous tiles before end of Nov.2008.
-Polycarbonate sheet awnings will be installed for MSC to shield sunlight and rain water.
-Emergency lighting fitting shall be provided within the ACMC sanctuary main entrance to facilitate crowd exit during power failure.
-The power requirement for ACMC has been reviewed. PMC intends to apply for 150Amp 415V incoming supply instead of the previous 100Amp 415V supply from TNB.
-PMC plans to build another store room at the rear corner adjacent to kindergarten toilets. The extra storage space will be utilized by PMC.
-The existing sanctuary store will be cleared off  for installation of metal racking system and new switchroom.
-The sanctuary cross will be lit up with 70W metal halide floodlight by upwards light projection.
-Additional suspended light fitting to be installed above the sanctuary main glass doors for better illumination .
-Installation of new air conditioner starter panel will commence work during school holidays.-
-Installation of new power & lighting distribution box in existing switch room will be carried out during school holidays
-To create more car parking spaces for church members,PMC is planning to remove the existing kindergarten slides and cement stepping blocks in front of ACMC parking area.
Danny Tan C.T
LATEST UPDATES from PMC  6-Oct-2008
PMC has engaged contractor to do floor tiles for ACMC frontage measuring 510 sq.feet in total floor area.Tiles used will be of 16ins X 16ins.homogenous non-skid type.The work will commence on 7th Oct 2008. At the same times,the frontage ceiling will undergo refurbishment works. Preformed chemical timber strips will be nailed to formwork to conceal the existing wiring,thus the ceiling will be more pleasant to look at.
Another project for Methodist Kindergarten is under  PMC consideration .PMC intends to raise the existing uneven cement floor level at the concourse area to one uniform level.Subsequently the floor will be paved with 12ins. x 12ins.homogenous tiles through out the concourse areas.
To deal with flood at ACMC & Kindergarten,PMC is carrying out feasible engineering studies to address the flooding issues.Various options have been taken into consideration in term of costs factor,efficiency and durability for used.Technical details for the selected design will be released later.
The previous proposed project to pave the cracked floor of the badminton court in front of the ACMC pantry area has been revived. PMC plans to cover the entire court with cement mortar 4 ins.---6 ins thickness. Budget money ----RM 6,000.00. 
Danny Tan,陈楚忠
Chairman, PMC, ACMC-安邦堂
Year-2008 completed projects 
LCEC approved projects for the church sanctuary  :-
1.  Painting of church sanctuary and church roof - done
2.  Erection of frontage awning for the church @ budget RM3.6K
3.  Purchase of high power jet cleaner @ budget RM300
4.  Painting of all rusty metal parts with light blue paint @ RM70
5.  Installation of 2 wall fan right side @ budget RM600
6.  Purchase of used metal office desk for night guard @ RM150
7.  Kindergarten – upgrade of single phase to 3 phase TNB supply @ RM1500
8.  Kindergarten – install new Sodium Vapour floodlight with photo sensor to replace existing 150W spotlight @ RM250
9.  Church Pantry exhaust fan
10. Sanctuary fluorescent light fittings
11. Ladies toilet light fitting 1 set
12. Ladies toilet flushing system
13. Kindergarten library roof leaking @ proposed metal roofing installation
14. Partition boards to cover the fencing near canteen
15. Eradicate mosquitoes and foul smell near canteen @ engage external fogging service provider
16. Installation of bamboo blind for Sunday school assembly place
17. Roof water proof  membrane painting - done
18. Cleansing of clog drain behind kindergarten – done
19. Repair collapsed drain in front of kindergarten behind wooden illegal store
20. Fallen tree in the chuch compound @ trimmed - RM1300 - done

LCEC approved project for the Methodist Service Center : -
1.   Re-painting of Methodist Service center - done
2.   Service center – make one new toilet in the first floor
3.   Service center – installation of water filter system for JBA water  before the ground storage tank @ RM1388
4.   Service center – guest room equip with new furniture
5.   Service center – opposite the building, pave road side with junk material make it even so that we can park our cars there.
6.   Work in progress – service center entire building painting in progress.
7.   Work in progress – repair the door bell and intercom.
8.   Vehicle maintenance – small van air cond repair & maintenence @ RM2493
9.   Repair the door bell  @ FOC – done
10.  Intercom malfunction cannot repair - Abandoned
11.  Installed wall cabinte in the kitchen - pending
12.  Make oven stand in the kitchen - pending
church scene and properties outlook in Year-2005 @ beautiful church of God !!

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