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Mambo Logo Ampang Chinese Methodist Church 基督教卫理公会安邦堂, belong to The Methdodist Church in Malaysia, Chinese Annual Conference 华人年议会, Central District 中部教区,Ampang Parish 安邦牧区。


Our weekly activities 每周活动 :


  • Sunday 8.30am Sunday Worship 主日崇拜 (English & Mandarin 英华) 
  • Sunday 11.00am Sunday Worship 主日崇拜 (Mandarin & Cantonese 华粤)
  • Sunday 11.00am Sunday School for Children 主日学校
  • Sunday 9.45am Senior Sunday School 乐龄主日学
  • Sunday 11am Sunday School for Tenagers 少年班
  • Sunday 2pm Boys Brigade 少年军
  • Sunday 1.30pm Women Fellowship 妇女会聚会 (every 1st Sunday of the month)
  • Sunday 1.30pm Senior Fellowship 乐龄团聚会 (every 1st Sunday of the month)
  • Sunday 2pm Class 101, 201, 301, 401 课程
  • Sunday 4pm Church Choir Group 教会诗班

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  • Monday 8.30pm Chinese Instrument Class 华乐班练习
  • Tuesday 8.00pm Senior Citizen Activity & KaraOK 乐龄活动和卡啦OK (卫理服务中心)
  • Wednesday 3.00pm Home Visitation 家庭探访 
  • Wednesday 8.30pm Chinese Orchestra 华乐团
  • Wednesday 8.30pm Line Dance 排舞
  • Thursday 8.30pm Prayer Meeting 祷告会 @ Prayer cell group
  • Thursday 9.15pm Celll Group Meeting 细胞小组分组讨论
  • Friday 8.30pm Praise & Worship Practice 敬拜赞美小组练习
  • Friday 9pm Cell Group Leader discussion 细胞小组组长讨论与会议
  • Saturday 6am Methodist Service Center, Kingdom Strategy Prayer Meeting
  • Saturday 6.30am Sub Area Prayer Walk 分区行军祷告
  • Saturday 7am, church Line Dance 排舞
  • Saturday 9am,11am Arts Class 绘画班 (卫理服务中心)
  • Saturday 4pm Chinese Calligraphy Class 书法班 (卫理服务中心)
  • Saturday 4pm Tailor Class 裁缝班 (卫理服务中心)
  • Saturday 6pm Youth Alpha Gathering (卫理服务中心)
  • Saturday 8.30pm Youth Gathering 青年团
  • Saturday 8pm Cell Group 细胞小组
  • ======荣耀归神======


Persons to contact :

Church 教会 Dir line 03-42960090

Methodist Service Center 卫理服务中心 03-42960090 & 012-6094379 (叶桂萍)

Methodist Kindergarten 卫理幼儿园 03-42916361

Parsonage 牧师楼 013-6147735

Pastor in charge 主理牧师 杜奇贤牧师 Rev Toh Kee Hean 013-6147735

Church Lay Leader 教会会友领袖 Dr Christopher Yap 叶志强博士 016-3802800

Church LCEC Chairman 执事会主席 李颂义弟兄  012-6161623

Church Steward 执事 赵光明弟兄012-2346698

Church Steward 执事 Margaret Chan 陈碧云 019-3383126

Full time admin staff Priscilia Qian 钱依萍 执行干事 016-6239748

Part time admin staff Yip Kwai Ping 叶桂萍 012-6094379


Ampang Chinese Methodist Church 教会圣殿 Address :

No 1 Jalan Lim Swee Hong

68000 Ampang, Selangor, West Malaysia


Ampang Methodist Kindergarten address 卫理幼儿园 :

No 2 Jalan Lim Swee Hong,

68000 Ampang, Selangor, West Malaysia


Ampang Methodist Serivce Center Address 卫理服务中心:

No 209 Jalan Youth

68000 Ampang, Selangor, West Malaysia


Parsonage 牧师楼 & Mailing Address :

No 209 Jalan Youth

68000 Ampang, Selangor, West Malaysia


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李颂义 Lee Soong Yee



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